About Us

Stone’s Cove offers an entirely new interactive dining experience with the introduction of the KitBar concept. Our KitBar combines the design of a kitchen and a bar to create one large communal table that surrounds the restaurant’s kitchen, putting guests right in the middle of the action. Our founder got the idea from parties he has hosted, noticing that partygoers naturally congregated in the kitchen where the food and drinks were being prepared. The KitBar’s slogan Recess for Adultsembodies that fun, party atmosphere that offers guests a place to enjoy great food and drinks, laugh freely, and recharge their batteries.

Stone’s Cove KitBar features "Classic American Cuisine with a Contemporary Twist", served by our ChefTenders (a combination of chef and bartender) in sensible and shareable portions for progressive dining. Our food is delivered daily and cooked from scratch to order to ensure we are serving the freshest product possible. Because of our unique KitBar design guests get to watch their food being prepared right in front of them as they enjoy their favorite cocktail, wine, or beer.  

The driving force behind Stone’s Cove’s KitBar development and expansion is the staff’s promise to make a difference with our guests and the community. This commitment goes well beyond providing guests with our magical hospitality every day—we do good things through our "do good things" Foundation and our "do good things" Sundays events. Stone’s Cove KitBar strives to support local charities that are driven to generate measurable results.

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